Artist Statement

The focus on artificial light sources in my paintings signifies my willingness to attach a sense of other-worldly meaning to light, even if these lights are wholly man-made. Though the glowing lights in my paintings reflect nothing more than our own contrived cosmos, they show a desire for an impossible transcendence of  this sphere.

The lightness and speed of our electronic and migratory age fulfill human desires to forget decay and death, and at times provide beauty, exhilaration and pleasure. But needs for stillness and solidity, for home, needs that come with our embodied existence, cannot be ignored. My paintings show the allure of speed, colours and light of urban life, an ephemerality that is contradicted by the materiality of paint. I use paint as a reminder of our biological reality; paint’s slowness, its flowing, dripping, congealing and cracking, are all too familiar attributes to our own deteriorating bodies.

My paintings are oil on canvas, unless otherwise indicated.