The Painted Light Bulb/L’ampoule Peinte

Photos Vickie Séguin and Marie Hélène GiguèrePhotos Vickie Séguin and Marie Hélène Giguère      
Thank you to all of you who took the time to see myexhibition. If you    missed it, I took a short video,posted on youtube

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At espace Odyssee, Gatineau, February 6 – May 24 2015


The lights we shine into the dark fabricate nothing more than our own contrived cosmos, and never reach beyond the limited, human realm. Yet we are drawn to these lights that spark our imagination, and kindle our desire to be elsewhere.
In The Painted Light Bulb, the precious glass cases that form light-emitting diodes, incandescent and fluorescent lights, are the main actors in a play of paintings that reflects on our human want of spectacle and illusion. In the dark theatre and beyond, suspension of disbelief depends wholly on the reality of electric light and the tangibility of light fixtures.  The Painted Light Bulb represents this reality in paint, and in the process produces yet another illusion: the illusion of realistic representation.

Espace Odyssee

The artist thanks the Ontario Arts Council for awarding her a Visual Arts Mid-Career grant.